Can Dogs Eat Watermelon? Is Watermelon Safe For Dogs?

Which are the Medical advantages Of watermelon for the dog?

Watermelon is Full of Anti Oxidants, potassium, vitamins C, B 6, and A. It is also packaged with Lycopene and high Fiber. In Reality, that the Watermelon Promotions Board, a section of the USDA, believes watermelon is a Super Food. Though it’s 92% water, besides being a superb option for hydration on a daily, the high nutrient worth of watermelon leaves it among the most useful choices like a healthy snack for you and your dog.

Let us have a deeper dip into the wellness advantages of watermelon:

Compounds: A high humidity percent (94 percent ) helps with hydration, also a vitally equally important factor in hot weather.
Anti-oxidants: drains cells damaged from ecological pressures wear our bodies also our dogs. Think about these as the electrons searching damaged cells and rescue them out of corrosion which breaks our dogs’ bodies as they age.
Lycopene: It is what leads to this Gorgeous crimson in watermelon and berries. Additionally, it is good for cancer prevention and encourages vision from the dogs. Research also has implied it reduces the speed of cancer development.
Potassium: helps the healthy heart and kidney function, promotes healthy bone density and modulates fluid levels, also helps muscular development.
Vitamin-c: still another highly effective antioxidant, improves the immune system, also reduces inflammation.
Fiber: Preventing food moving through the intestines to prevent constipation, help fix diarrhea, also steer clear of blockages.
Vitamin-A: Supports proper functioning and quality of coat, skin, muscles, tendons, and nerves.
Vitamin B6: A crucial co-enzyme for the body and brain acts regulating fluid balance, construction proteins, regulating hormones, and encouraging tissues on your dog’s own body.