“What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?” 7 Signs of Possible Autism.

Do you notice that your child seems to grow more slowly than the average child? Are they exhibiting unusual reactions to social situations? Are they experiencing any behavioral issues? It is a high chance that they’re suffering from the condition known as “autism’.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a common developmental disorder recognized in childhood and identified by unnatural social interactions, inability to communicate with other people, and constant behavior. According to the DSM-5 Diagnostic Manual of mental illnesses, the diagnosis is a part of the previously known autistic disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorders, and other developmental disorders that are not previously identified.

As to CDC, one out of more than 68 youngsters in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder, and boys are 4.5 percent more likely to suffer from the disease than girls. Despite the effort to determine the causes of this disorder, the exact causes are not yet known.

There’s no single medical test to determine if your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, there are various behaviors and developmental issues that may indicate your child may be autistic.

Naturally, the medical professional can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe a treatment for autism. However, you can keep your eyes out for anything odd, and should you need to inform your child’s doctor.

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