Here Are 15 Breeds of Dogs Perfect for Seniors

Each dog breed has its uniqueness. Some are playful, some are highly aggressive, and a few cannot sit still without lending a helping paw. For our senior readers looking to adopt a puppy, there are the 15 friendliest dog breeds you ought to haven’t any problem training.

1. Maltese

The Maltese could also be small and unintimidating, but they’ve got an enormous personality and are a complete joy to be around. This breed isn’t high-maintenance, so you don’t need to physically continue with the dog to stay him or her happy. Measuring up to 10 inches long, it’s nearly impossible for a Maltese to knock an individual down.

2. Poodle

The playful, lovable poodle is usually found skittering around the legs of older folks. They’re incredibly adorable and even as loyal. Her active, quirky behavior makes her a boundless source of entertainment for old and young. Not only are they hilarious, but poodles are also great watchdogs. Their intelligence allows pet owners to coach them quickly and without much trouble.