10 Best Vacation Ideas for Singles

Hiking in the mountains of Morocco or a yoga camp in Spain? Maybe skiing in France? The selection is yours.

If you’re keen on traveling alone and on the road to satisfy adventurers such as you, then we’ve excellent news. Travel agencies around the world, following a replacement trend, began to supply exciting tours to different parts of the planet, especially for those that are wont to have a rest without companions.

1. Eternal India

Tour operator Contiki focuses on travel arrangements for people between the ages of 18 and 35, and its main clients are single travelers: last year they bought 60% of the entire number of packages sold, and this figure is going to be even higher in 2016. Although Contiki has been organizing tours to countries around the world for over 40 years, this December they’re going to send a gaggle of tourists to India for the primary time. The 12-day tour includes visits to the foremost popular cities (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai) also as a seaside vacation in Goa. Other activities include safaris, cooking classes, and yoga.

2. Chinese voyage

Single travelers, especially women of retirement age who want to go to China, choose Wendy Wu’s agency. Her company offers a good sort of tours in China – including an epic 28-day trip called Big One. But if you’re trying to find something shorter, then the China Experience 10-Day Tour is for you. You’ll visit not only the foremost important attractions just like the Chinese Wall or the Terracotta Army but also lesser-known places, like the village on the water Zhu Jia Zao. If you are doing not want to pay extra for single occupancy, you’ll prefer to stay during a double room, and then, albeit you are doing not have a neighbor, you’ll pay less.

3. Sea cruise in Croatia and Montenegro

Another tour operator offering itineraries for people traveling alone is G Adventures; here you’ll also save on single occupancy and prefer to stay during a double room with a neighbor. Singles structure a 3rd of G Adventures’ total customers. The foremost popular among them is that of the sea cruise along the Dalmatian coast, which appeared this year. Departing from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, you’ll head south to Montenegro, visit an old fishing village along the way and luxuriate in the amazing Balkan landscapes and delightful beaches. After 9 days, the boat will take you back to Dubrovnik.

4. Skiing in French Morzine

If you favor a more active holiday, then use the services of the tiny travel company Hofnar, which offers solo travelers an unforgettable vacation within the Alps. The agency owns a chalet within the Morzine resort, and 80% of its clients come there without companions. That is, your neighbors on the track and companions on après-ski are likely to be people that are on the brink of you in spirit. a little number of neighbors (maximum 14) and therefore the absence of an obligatory tourist program will offer you the chance to relax and obtain exactly what you would like from your vacation – whether it’s skiing from morning till night or lying on the couch with a book.

5. West Africa: Ghana to Togo and Benin

60% of the overland agency Dragoman’s clients are single tourists. The firm organizes small group tours for no quite 22 people – not too few and not too many. The corporate is chosen quite diverse, which is sweet, but during the trip, everyone has time to urge to understand one another. Such trips are an excellent option for people that don’t just like the usual tourist routes but don’t want to travel alone. Particularly noteworthy is that the 21-day tour of West Africa. Departing from the capital of Ghana, Accra, you’ll travel east, traversing the hills and forests of Togo, and ending up in Benin. Difficult roads and memorable nights in tents await you.

6. Colombian coffee

More than half of Intrepid’s customers are single tourists, so once you continue the tour with this agency, you’re unlikely to be surrounded by children and couples. However, Intrepid went further and decided to arrange three tours to the foremost popular destinations only for those that wish to travel alone. One among them is simply a coffee lover’s dream: a visit to the plantations located within the Colombian mountains where coffee beans are grown and roasted, followed by a visit to at least one of the foremost amazing cities in South America, Medellín, then Cartagena, the middle of which may be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Yoga camp in Spain

If you would like to spend your holiday to your advantage, head to the Suryalila Yoga Camp in Andalusia. There, surrounded by mountains, lakes, and meadows, you’ll stretch all the muscles of your body and eat vegetarian dishes between two daily yoga sessions. 70% of tourists to the present yoga camp come here without a companion, and if you opt to save lots of money and not pay the only room surcharge, they’re going to assist you to find a neighbor. Lovers of a healthy lifestyle should especially appreciate the New Year’s offer and go there from 28 December to 2 January.

8. Walk in the mountains of Morocco

Exodus, the creator of this incredible Moroccan cycling route, has explored every trail within the Anti-Atlas Mountains, so you’ll experience an exciting journey through palm groves and valleys and Berber hospitality. The tour is originally designed for single travelers, so there’ll be few married couples among your companions.

9. Japan Reveals Its Secrets

Tour operator Responsible Travel offers many itineraries for those that like better to travel alone, but one among them must be mentioned separately – this is often a two-week tour of Japan. There’s no extra charge for single occupancy, although you’ll spend quite half the nights in single rooms, and you’ll only need to share an area with a neighbor in traditional Japanese hotels and little hotels. This trip will introduce you to Japan altogether in its diversity: from Buddhist temples and ancient mountain villages to large cities of glass and steel. The tour will end with an enormous party in Tokyo.

10. Mekong Delta, islands, and temples

Travel company Wild Frontiers offers tours for single travelers who don’t want to pay extra for single occupancy (this is over 70% of the entire number of clients of the company). Those trying to find a replacement Year’s holiday far away from home can start a powerful 15-day trip through Vietnam and Cambodia, which incorporates a Vespa scooter tour of Ho Chi Minh City, a motorcycle ride through the Mekong Delta, and an introduction to the temples of Angkor. Accommodation in boutique hotels and guesthouses.